ya. summer.

ya. summer.

This Summer we have plenty of excuses- err… opportunities to get together! Like every Summer we have different kinds of get-togethers:

Parties – ya pretty much the coolest summer parties of the year. One will be at Frank Williams’ house. He knows how to throw a party. The other party will be at the Rice home. Bring yer swim trunks and an empty stomach.

Worship Slams – It wouldn’t be a summer without them. Even though summer is a good rest for the band while they prep for next year, they get together and rock the house. It is an intense time of both worship and prayer, something that is truly special at tha Porch. There isn’t really teaching at this event, just good times of prayer and singing to God with your best friends.

Serve-This summer we’re helping out at SouthStreet in Akron. Every Tuesday a group of us meet at the main campus and head over together to serve.  If you’d like to share Christ’s love with some really cool kids this summer, please contact Dani Kokochak at (318) 286-0603 or Colleen O’Neil at (216) 956-3924 or via either Facebook accounts before showing up at the church. For more information on South Street Ministries, visit

All Girl Sleepover at the Block will be on August 11…Girls this is one of the best events of the year!

Those are the main summer events, but there are also plenty of other things to be aware of… so here’s a calendar of everything we’re doing: